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We capture the benefits of CAD design and profiling to ensure that the best of industry standards are built in to your new vessel. You can be sure that the design on paper and the line in rel life will be just as crisp in detail. All of the profiled steel is shot-blasted and primer painted before fabrication even commences. The main hull construction takes place in the build jig to ensure symmetry.
Cabinet work in Hardwoods and Laminated panelling allows us to build vessel of quality and style with an enduring finish. Acoustic insulation to engine/equipment bay continues the attention to detail. All electrical installations are designed for the specific vessel with all cabling in trays and trunks. This allows easy future upgrades if and when required
We use only the top quality sprayfoam insulation materials and 2 pack paint systems to ensure a great start and long lasting finish to your project. We believe that the investment in one of our quality vessels will pay dividends during the many years of pleasure to come.